Vassaltis Vineyards

Vourvoulos Thira GR

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Vassaltis is the latest addition to Santorini’s long, storied winemaking history. Owner Yannis Valambous’ passion for wine drew him back to the island of Santorini, where he spent many a happy family holiday as a child. In the wake of the 2010 Greek financial crisis, a plan took root in his mind, a plan that was part dream, part folly. Yannis sought to breathe new life into the vineyards he inherited from his father.

Looking out across the vines, Yannis saw the potential to create something truly exceptional and unique with the land his father left him. He focused in on a single goal – to transform the family vineyards into a thoroughly modern, state-of-the-art boutique winery and craft exquisite wines which showcase the quality of Santorini’s grapes.It took a few years, but when construction of the new winery finished in April 2016, Yannis was ready to dive into his new venture.

Working alongside the exceptionally talented oenologists Elias Roussakis and Yannis Papaeconomou, they entered the next phase of this exciting endeavour – crafting the wine. The three men were brought together by a shared vision: to prove that Santorini is capable of producing world-class wines and that the new generation of Greek winemakers, using their skill and winemaking artistry, are the ones to help bring these wines to an international audience of wine lovers.