Sky Dome

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If you’re looking for a world of travel where the things you feel closest to are the sunset, night sky, the stars that illuminate it and perhaps a glass of wine to toast it all, Santorini’s newest five star stunner has a truly ridiculous new way to do that – and no, you don’t even need to stay there.

Aptly titled Santorini Sky, the boutique resort perched at Santorini’s highest peak, has just opened the ultimate bucket list experience, with a private glass dome, which can be booked for wine tastings, dinners, or dreamy stargazing.

Even for people who hate the “do it for the gram'” lifestyle, this one of a kind setting may just be too tempting to avoid, and it’s not even crazy expensive either.

Santorini Sky is already perched higher than other hotels on the island, but a newly built dome, which can be customized to moods, occasions and interests just took the resort to a new elevation. Sometimes it’s best to let the photos do the talking.

For guests of the hotel, the Sky Dome can be booked for stargazing, private meals, or a long relax outside of the luxe villas just below, with uninhibited views of the night sky. LED mood lights can even be customized to the moods of the guests with the tap of an app, which will probably lead to more proposals than alcohol!

For non guests staying elsewhere on the island, a nights sleep, or midnight stargaze is currently off the table, but a spectacular sunset wine tasting, or wine tasting and bespoke meal from in demand bistro ‘Agaze’ will be offered, with rates starting from €150 for the experience.

With only one booking slot available per night, this may be the hottest ticket on Santorini this summer, so be sure to book early. It’s not every day you get to say you went to a fully private wine tasting on the top of the highest point of Santorini.