Lighthouse of Akrotiri

Thera Thira GR

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In the beautiful village of Akrotiri you can find the well-known lighthouse located on the extreme southwest part of the island, 18 kilometers away from the capital of Santorini. It is considered one of the best and most beautiful lighthouses in Cyclades. Attuned to the rest of the island, it is an admirable building with whitewashed walls standing on the edge of a high cliff right above the sea. It is, by all means, an idyllic setting.

The Akrotiri lighthouse, which was manufactured by a French company in 1892, is among the first lighthouses in Greece. It stopped operating during World War II but started again in 1945 with a reconstruction by the Greek Navy. Originally it was powered by petrol fuel until 1988 that it became automatic. The tower above the lighthouse keeper’s house is 10 meters high and emits a luminous white light.

The lighthouse is situated in a peaceful place, surrounded by sea, ideal for blissful, romantic moments. It is highly recommended that you visit it during sunset when the warm light of the sinking sun floods in the lighthouse. It is an excellent sunset-watching spot and the fact that it is not commonly-held makes it more special. It is the spot the locals prefer to spend their evenings and cherish this magical hour. All these, along with the scenic view it offers, will fill you with nothing but entrancement.

There is no public access inside the building but you can relish it, together with a fascinating view, by sitting on its exterior stone wall or on the rocks by the sea all around. The lighthouse is easily accessible by road from Akrotiri village and the route suggests magnificent images. It is well worth a visit as the sight you get to see is pure magic.