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Isn’t it great when myths come alive? When stories of the past become modern day’s experiences. How does it feel when a ship from the past sets sails today? Then, in search for the Golden Fleece; now looking for a complete gastronomic experience in Santorini? Myth becomes an experience. Travelling has a destination. Your gastronomic myth starts in Santorini, setting sail in Argo Restaurant. A contemporary, passionate captain and his dedicated crew make up a journey with delicious tastes in a dreamy atmosphere where your tasty myth is to be lived in Argo Restaurant. After all, it is the journey that counts, the destination though is the experience.

Once upon a time in ancient Greece, Jason set sail on a trek to retrieve the Golden Fleece; the Gods of Olympus helped him build the Argo, the only ship that could endure such a dangerous voyage; the famous first ship that sailed the seas. When he succeeded, poems and ballads were written in his praise, and the name of Argo was commemorated to eternity.
Today, we embark on a different adventure; a journey to the aromas of Santorini, a gastronomic pilgrimage to the magnificent tastes of Greece and the Mediterranean. Our “vessel” of choice, Argo Restaurant, an elegant venue on the caldera of Santorini overlooking the sea and the volcano where Konstantinos Chatzopoulos and his team create ambrosial tastes for the bon-viveurs, the real travellers for taste in an atmosphere fitting of a fairytale.
From the moment that you step into the Argo Restaurant, you will be taken aback with the delicate décor and the spectacular view; as soon as you taste your first bite you will be blown away by the simple yet undeniably fascinating pleasure! The recherché ingredients, the bold tastes combinations and the flawless execution of traditional recipes from Santorini, Greece and all around the world will carry you on an astonishing adventure for the palate, an adventure that you’ll definitely want to repeat and praise.